Alloy printing

These are fantastic pieces of artwork, full colour, black & white or negative images, printed onto polished alloy sheets. Various sizes available, although the standard sizes are approximately A4 or A3 size  For a really special effect why not have the picture enlarged and printed over multiple sheets?

We also provide the sheets in credit card size so that they make absolutely stunning business cards as well.

Some of the pictures and cards we have done are shown here.

The sheets are available in a variety of  “base” colours”:

Mirror silver, brushed silver, mirror gold, brushed gold and white. Obviously the background colour does have an impact on the end result when printing full colour images.

It is difficult to show the full effect of these sheets as using a flash simply fills the image as a reflection, so some of the pictures here do show the reflection of hands and camera in the image to try and show how mirror like they are!

Each piece (inc business cards) is actually placed and positioned by hand, they are not run off automatically by a production run machine, but pricing for such a unique card or wall image is surprisingly low!

'Really appreciate all your help & advice & speedy service'